Skin Cleansing Vocal Hypnosis MP3

Skin Cleansing Vocal Hypnosis MP3 graphicIf you suffer from acne or any kind of skin blemish then you will want to clear it up. Expensive creams and treatments can help, but one thing that has been found to be surprisingly effective has been hypnosis.

The human body constantly regenerates its skin based on a blueprint held in the mind. This blueprint can be influenced by changing your mind through hypnosis. Your sub-conscious mind controls your body and through the power of hypnosis you can change aspects of your body.

This program has been recorded to help you adjust the blueprint in your mind. Through a deep state of relaxation you will re-program your mental blueprint of your skin and work to clear it up. This program works well with any skin treatment process / cream to help maximize the effects and speed up you getting a clear skin.

This is a downloadable CD quality MP3 that is 52Mb in size. The track is 55 minutes long.

Click the link below to listen to a sample from this hypnosis program.

Skin Cleansing MP3 Sample

Price: $9.95

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