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Body Balancing Vocal Hypnosis MP3 pictureFor whatever reason it may be, our bodies can become unbalanced hormonally, which can cause absolute chaos in our lives. This audio program is designed to bring that balance back under your control so you can improve your quality of life.

In the first track, you bring the body memories of perfect hormonal balance back from the past to the present moment, allowing you to take the balanced feeling forward into the future.

In the second track, your visit your body’s control panel and discover the dial to control your hormonal balance. Adjusting this dial allows you to adjust your hormone levels, allowing yourself to return to a life of balance and harmony.

This CD is specifically designed for women who are experiencing hormone imbalances for any reason and should be used in conjunction with any existing medication and guidance from your medical practitioner.

“I’m 57 years old and have suffered from depression for 32 years. I have been taking anti-depressants and sleeping tablets since I had a nervous breakdown at the age of 26. I’ve tried several treatments over the years but nothing has ever really helped me enough to feel that I could stop taking the pills.

Recently I became very ill with depression and my doctor prescribed a second set of anti-depressants. Even with these I did not feel that I could face my family or life in general. I had a two week holiday to look forward to in the USA and the thought of going terrified me. My daughter asked me to try listening to the Body Balancing CD by Jason and to be honest, I was very sceptical. However, I had nothing to lose and decided to give it a try. I listened to the CD a couple of times and found Jason’s voice very soothing and relaxing. The results were pretty amazing. I found that I could actually think about my holiday and start preparing myself to go. I continued to listen to the CD and even took it on holiday with me. For the first time ever, I left my family at the airport without tears! I can honestly say I was shocked at how fast I had recovered from feeling so terrible.

I have continued to listen to the CD since returning from the USA and really enjoy it. The most amazing thing though is that I have now stopped taking both types of anti-depressant and I now feel confident that I can stop the sleeping tablets too. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jason or this product to anyone else and would like to thank him for helping me to take such huge steps to recovery after all these years.”

From A.B. Manchester

This is a downloadable CD quality MP3 that is 106Mb in size. The track is 55 minutes long.

Click the links below to listen to a sample from this hypnosis program.

Body Balancing Sample Track

Body Balancing Sample Track

Body Balancing Sample Track

Body Balancing Sample Track

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